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Benefit of SAP ERP

Better to know about SAP integrated services

SAP ERP Is Integrated

A. Common database,
B. Common data dictionary,
C. Application update flows to all related systems,
D. One point of data entry,
E. Consistent data,
F. Elimination of redundant data,
G. Consistent user interface.

SAP ERP Is Flexible

A. Can be customized to meet,
B. Own business practices,
C. Best business practices,
D. Allows interfaces to other systems,
E. Allows for own report and screen generation,
F. Runs on multiple hardware and database platforms,
G. Can be tailored.

SAP ERP Supports the Business

A. Complete business solution across all business functions,
B. Has solutions to most critical business processes (over 1000),
C. Provides an enterprise wide solution,
D. Support global business and accounting processes,
E. Standardized business processes using best practice models,
F. Supports multiple business structures and multiple business units.

SAP ERP Reveals the Business

A. Implementation requires,
B. Statement of business rules,
C. Clear model of business process,
D. Work flow,
E. Opportunity to streamline decision making,
F. Opportunity for business process reengineering.