SuccessFactors By SAP: Continues to grow and innovate
SuccessFactors By SAP: Continues to grow and innovate
September 11, 2019
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what is Central Finance Scenarios in SAP S/4HANA?
November 7, 2019
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SAP S/4 HANA 1909 Overview Intelligence in Automation

SAP S4 hana 1909 overview

A detailed overview of the advanced version of the SAP S/4 Hana 1909

On the 20th of September SAP has released to the general availability of the latest, Intelligent and extensive version of ERP software. The leading-edge software has lead to the foundation of the Digital core ensuring intelligence in automation. This blog covers the complete overview of the latest SAP S/4 Hana 1909.

SAP S/4 HANA Overview

The fundamental initiation which made the improvisation in the software for the need of enhanced user experience with more critical insights. The following are the cornerstone of the latest Digital Core of SAP S/4 Hana 1909 version.

  1. Software Architecture capable of delivering scalable foundation enabling the enhanced automation options.
  2. An intelligent system that optimizes organizational aspects with the help of embedded analytics, simulation, predictive analysis, and magnified decision making ensuring smooth  flow of business aspects 
  3. An end to end experience which can be rapidly adapted and implemented.
  4. Open architecture with the provision of connectivity and adaptation of microservices.

Features of Digital core an intelligent ERP

  1. A Modern Age User Experience: Keeping the hands free ERP in Mind by 2020 the revolutionary up-gradation with features natural language processing and conversational user interface.
  2. Automaton of Business Process: Enhanced automation enabling streamlined workflow and enhanced business operation resulting in reduced operating costs.
  3. Future-ready Business operation: A streamlined architecture and technology ensuring advanced service

Highlights In SAP S/4 Hana 1909 For Multiple Industries

SAP S/4 Hana 1909 the innovation in the 5th wave by re-architecting the data model to ensure a better experience to the customers and industry-specific modifications helping the industry to be intelligent through advanced automation.

Manufacturing Industry :

The predictive material and resource planning (PMRP)application resulting in the inability to forecast the demand of the component with predictive material and resource management as a result of which reduces the inventory carrying costs. Simplified MRP logic supporting interactive planning with simulation deriving component and capacity demands in every aspect. In order to carry out the process of the operation, the system creates simplified data based on material resource planning and real-time operational data. Using all this data as reference for PMRP.

Forecast component demand with pMRP
Forecast demand with PMRP in sap s/4 hana 1909

Another highlight is that the extended practicality for advanced extended functionality for advanced Available to Promise  (aATP). the newest unharness permits additional vertical consumption ways among product allocation sequences. Users will use identical product allocation object many times in a very product allocation sequence so they’ll model additional consumption ways for the merchandise allocation check. within the backorder process, we tend to support the re-evaluation of alternatives in the backorder process.

Inventory Management:

In order to achieve optimum inventory accuracy and also the inventory situation in your stock Deadstock analysis app assisting you in daily work in inventory analysis displaying outdated stock. And the advanced Fiori app capable of predicting the slow or nonmoving an idea for further development of material.

Finance Planning:

The group reporting option is available since the previous version of SAP S/4 Hana since September 2018. This version answers issues such as intercompany reconciliation and matrix consolidation.
Further integrating financial planning with sap cloud analytics which gives a better and transparent view to analyze both financial and non-financial. With the help of Sap Analytics for the cloud (SAC) Integrated with  SAP S/4 Hana resulting availability of real-time business insights.

reconciliation and matrix consolidation in sap s/4 hana
Group Reporting in SAP S/4HANA supports intercompany reconciliation and matrix consolidation.

Sales and distribution: 

With SAP S/4HANA 1909, to enable workflow for sales documents, The key good thing about this new feature is to extend the sales department capabilities by providing the progress for sales quotations, for sales orders, and for-credit memorandum requests. it’s currently doable to show and manage approval workflows in “My Inbox”. additionally, to the current, you receive workflow notifications throughout the approval progress process, and you’ll be able to modify the progress, for credit memo requests, to the new approval standing for sales documents. a simple navigation to the sales order document from the approval progress is currently additionally doable.

Moreover, It tends to additionally add intelligence to Sales and Distribution processes. observance delivery performance using prognostic analytics in SAP S/4HANA permits for in-time provide of procurance processes to transportation designing, picking, packing, and shipping within the delivery method.

R&D / Engineering

Access-control management helps to boost compliance with internal and external (customer provided) tips and rules help to protect data and you can manage access to the pre phases of the project.

Warehouse management:

Optimized integration between production and warehouse process which gives you better- centralized management over repetitive production warehouse management.

Environment Health and safety:

The advanced emission forecasting capability helps you analyze and predict environmental risks. With the help of Machine learning time series predictive models analyzing the previous data the system forecasts the emission values.

Product  Compliance :

With the latest analytics SAP Fiori App, you can visualize and analyze the impact of substances on sales, supplier, and production. This integration of dangerous goods management into the sales and delivery process helps you to examine relevant classified products throughout the sales quotations and sales order processes. just in case no compliant transport is feasible, sales things can get blocked.

Sourcing and Procurement

Intelligence is delivered to our Line of Business Sourcing and procurance by our digital assistant the SAP copilot and therefore facilitate to execute procurance processes. On top, the LoB additionally makes use of the latest machine learning algorithms to change processes and resolve problems. It’s all concerning intelligence

In order to reduce the data redundancy and other congestion in SAP S/4 HANA 1909  the latest digital core as helped to the advancement of optimized business operation in multiple industries by minimizing the Data complexity, system architecture, and centralized management.

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