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January 8, 2019
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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding
January 25, 2019
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What is SAP Concur – Travel & Expense Management ?

What is SAP Concur - Dynamo

What is SAP Concur - Dynamo

What is SAP Concur?

Sap Concur mainly deals with the travel and expense management for the small and large companies. SAP Concur is a cloud-based solution to improve process automation, integration, and analysis across travel and cost processes, providing modern user experience and mobile support.

Concur has a quick and cost-effective travel & expense management and invoice solution for you. SAP Concur provides you and your employees with a complete set of tools on the web, on a smartphone or on a tablet. And you will have access to a growing market for applications and features with the growing partner community building around our platform. Our clients vary from small companies to the Fortune 500, so we know a lot about the various companies. We can adjust  a best practice solution for you depend on the size, expenditure targets, policy complexity and travel program needs of your company.

SAP Concur solutions - Dynamo
SAP Concur solutions – Dynamo

How SAP Concur works?

SAP Concur requests allows managers to approve expenditure prior to spending money. Trip Link gives you access to unmanaged travel reservations and expenses.The SAP Concur payroll service will increase worker satisfaction and enhances compliance by paying staff and company cards mechanically.Concur using predefined reports and templates. The system can also personalize workflows and automate the payment of vendors.

Why SAP and SAP Concur are working together:

Supply larger scale:

Through our deep R&D investment throughout all markets,  to provide great solutions for our customers

SAP’s powerful solutions provides:  

it’s customers: that give clients visibility by connecting employees to apps  brands and they love.

With connected experience:  

Companies can manipulate all their expenses including cost, travel, and invoices within the cloud and with indigenous integration.

What does that mean to SAP Travel & Expense users?

The situation is a little different for Travel & Expense Management on- site. It is a mature product, well integrated with alternative business elements like Financials, payroll, human resources, and CATS. Many customers have also invested in customized development and the idea of having these data in the cloud is still an absolute no- go for some.SAP knows that, so for a considerable period of time they will provide support. How much innovation we will continue to see in T&E on- site is everyone’s guess. However, for the reason that they will have to commit a variety of sources to build first- elegance integration functions between Concur, different cloud products, and their on- web site system, it’s far valid to assume that on- prem T&E features will expand.

  Therefore, customers who currently use or implement T&E on the premise must make a conscious decision on their future roadmap. This does not mean that deployments of on- site travel management must be stopped or that any further development of stay systems must be frozen. And if the acquisition of SuccessFactor is anything to head via, the overall improvement of integration features may additionally take some years and lots of groups could have accurate reasons to select on-web page answers for some of extra years.

SAP Concur Travel and Expense Management  - Dynamo
SAP Concur Travel and Expense Management – Dynamo

Advantages of Effective Travel & Expense Reimbursement Policy:-

A developing enterprise has many transferring components.If everybody within the team has over one job to try and do and few many members of the team have access to company credit cards, it may be tempting to refrain from standardizing expenditure policy. Regardless of your size, an early expense and reimbursement policy will pay off over the long term by giving you more insight into the company’s expenditure.

1. Defining Corporate Subculture:

Define corporate culture: many may not consider the policy of reimbursement of business expenses as the building of culture. However, informing employees about how they can spend reduces not only confusion but also empowerment.

2. Maintaining Trust:

If your company is developed your profit will be increased , employees won’t be aware of the limits in their spending on booking trips. It only takes a reservation at a 5 star hotel to break the trust of an employee in a company. Informing staff of what they’ll and might not pay stated business travel policy and procedure helps them to remain in politics and maintain company confidence.Setting associated expense coverage, in addition, helps build worker trust within the company as nicely.Setting a clean tour compensation policy for personnel who use their very own finances to ebook travel lets them realize you may reimburse them speedy

3. Increasing Efficiency:

A stated travel and entertainment policy clearly shows your employees the way to responsible expenditure for the travel and expenditure  and approval more efficient.A well-established travel claim policy makes it make easier for new managers and new employees.Employees can report their expense successfully and your  company can avoid the error- related.

4.Learn more about Accounting:

This may be the clearest reason for an expense policy. Establishing an expenditure policy helps to better budget, forecast and manage company expenditure. In addition, setting an expense policy that limits the purchase of selected suppliers increases transactions with these suppliers and allows you to negotiate wholesale transactions.

Business Benefits With SAP Concur:

  • Bidirectional, secure communication system to system for quicker process and payment.
  • Completely automated and robust process and data integration that offers timely and end- to- end visibility.
  • Financial posting and full process transparency.
  • Easy configuration and maintenance that saves time and resources.

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