Discover the road map for success with optimized decision making with SAP analytics for cloud .Outline multiple departments of an organization like finance,inventory,marketing, sales,human resources and enhance business strategy and growth factor with centralized intelligence and automated insights.

Dynamo a leading edge Sap solution partner provide SAP analytics cloud via a Saas delivery model managed by SAP.Integrated business intelligence with AI powered predictive analysis empower confident decision making.

Key benefits of sap cloud for analytics:

Need for Sap analytics for cloud :

Planning and analysis is the basic process which is carried out in a business initially enabling automation and a proper system through advanced Business intelligence increasing the quality of data leading to better decision making which intern resulting in better ROI.

Considering the importance for business intelligence and analytics advanced analytics tool by SAP suitable for enterprises of every size. SAP analytics for cloud helps business plan,predict,analyse and make decision.

Explore Business intelligence with cloud analytical solution:


Encyclopedic data visualization

With the detailed and descriptive data description and data visualization resulting in identifying the detailed business insights,discover KPI’s and intelligent predictive analysis resulting in boosting business prospects.


Simplified data resourcing

Implementation of cloud analytics makes way for an intelligent enterprise by simplified accessibility.With cloud analytics you can have access to your business insights through web-browser rather than going for a new software installation.


Combined enterprise planning

Well planned work is half done,With Systematic analysation and predictive simulations by cloud analytics manage to create smooth workflow intern resulting in enhanced productivity.


Real time analysis:

Embeded big data analysis acts as a smart assist with ad-hoc detailing and what if analysis enabling automation to the self-intelligence capabilities.SAP cloud analytics is a powerful aggregator which provides instant access to complex data.


Smart assist

Explore the influencers for the key performance indicator and analyse enact on the favorable outcomes.Smart assistance can be vital in decision making by providing clarity on the subtle data with conclusive insights.


Grouping and reporting

Customized dashboards for detailed comparison of multiple results based on requirement of the need.Advanced analytics tool helps you in segmentation of customer groups & categorize inventory the prospects which helps in targeting action.


SAP Analytics cloud overview

It’s clear that the data inventory and data management is the key for success in the modern era. A systemised data analytic software can kick start to check the pain points and KPI’s can enhance your business prospects.SAP analytical software can bound multiple departments of an enterprises like finance,accounting, marketing , sales ,hr and have their importance in the corresponding departments.